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Important news and facts will be posted here. Even if you are not much into reading a forum this section you shouldn't miss out to know whats going on actually.
25316Jan 25 2017, 07:25

Funding Campaigns

Public information about KINGDOM·OF·LOOT funding campaigns.
214Jul 06 2016, 02:27


Legal documents
22Apr 02 2015, 20:33
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Game, Website & Account Developer Journal

This board is for general discussions related to the game, website and account section as well as patch notes and info about latest releases.
1864Dec 24 2016, 15:10


Here you can ask for help if you have any problems with KINGDOM·OF·LOOT (technical or in-game) and basically all "How do I ... ?" topics.
33142Dec 30 2016, 15:25


Do you have any great suggestions for the games to contribute? Post them here!
71210Mar 16 2017, 05:55

Game Bugs

Please post bugs found in game in this section. Try to be as specific with your description as you can. You found ways to abuse game features? Don't tell us here! Email to: abuse@seyken.com
75244Nov 15 2016, 03:37
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Realm: Miscellaneous

This board is for general discussions related to no game realm in particular...
1036Sep 28 2016, 11:44


This board is for general discussions related to the game realm Nemesis.
1769Nov 10 2016, 06:08

Realm: NEMESIS Trade

Trade items found in Realm Nemesis.
11Oct 09 2015, 18:16